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Charity Profile: Trigger’s Toys

June 5, 2016

A hospital visit with his dog Trigger years ago turned into the launch of a charity organization for Bryan Townsend. Today, that organization, Trigger’s Toys has provided more than $500,000 in support to chronically ill children, support that has ranged from help with medical costs to social gatherings to toys. Much of the care is meant to distract patients from the doldrums of hospital life, inspired by Townsend’s early trips with his dog in tow. Trigger’s Toys aims to help kids find happiness and joy, regardless of there medical situation.

The newest patient care packages include stuffed animals and a coloring book that illustrates a puppy overcoming an illness. “We know that each child is unique, every situation is different and families have different needs,” Townsend says. “We have tailored our programs to try and meet each child and family right where they are within the treatment process.”

As Vice President of Global Sales for The 86 Co., Townsend also happens to be part of the cocktail community, which has rallied around Trigger’s Toys during Negroni Week, with many Texas bars choosing to donate a portion of their Negroni sales to the organization. He credits that tight-knit supportive community, at least in part, to his desire to give back to the community at large. Trigger’s Toys started in and continues to serve the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Townsend hopes to extend the organization to every major city in Texas within the next few years. This year, in addition to the aforementioned care packages, Trigger’s Toys will expand its financial aid program, assist families in affording much-needed medical equipment and offer holiday gatherings featuring gifts from Santa.