Negroni Week News

The Long And Strong II

January 5, 2015

Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of bars, restaurants and Negroni lovers around the world, Negroni Week 2015 collectively raised $321,000 in donations—that’s almost triple the amount raised in 2014! This is the third year in a row that Negroni Week participating venues are placeholder text from here

Abby Meyer: At Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support we provide services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Our unique, wrap-around program of care includes emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling, case management, on-site school and preschool, legal assistance, job readiness training, financial literacy and any other service a woman or child may need to be safe from violence in their home and to heal from the trauma they have endured. We strive to eliminate any roadblock that prevents a woman and her children from living a life free from violence.

H3: Imbibe: Were you surprised to receive the $10,000 donation last year?

AM: The gift from Campari was truly a surprise. We are extremely grateful to our friends at HG Sply in Dallas who selected us as their beneficiary for Negroni Week, and we are proud of their successful campaign.

H4: Imbibe: What did that money go toward?

AM: Funding from Campari supported our Emergency Shelter program. On any given day more than 40 women and children reside at our Emergency Shelter escaping terrifying violence in their home. Funds help ensure that every client who comes to our shelter is given a safe, comfortable and individual room, 3 home-cooked meals each day, immediate counseling and case management, legal assistance, and on-site school and childcare. This year alone, more than 500 women and children will seek safety at our Emergency Shelter, and it is because of groups like HG Sply and Campari that we are able to keep our lights on and doors open to welcome families fleeing from violence.

H5: Imbibe: How can people get involved in your cause?

AM: At Genesis we know that domestic violence does not discriminate based on income, age, education level or where a woman lives. If someone is located in the Dallas area, they can go to our website,, and sign up to volunteer, donate money or needed items, or join one of our auxiliaries. If they are not in the Dallas area, they can reach out to local domestic violence shelters and see how they can support their mission. We also know that domestic violence is not a “woman’s issue” therefore men must be involved in the solution. At Genesis we recognize this need through our all-male auxiliary, HeROs (He Respects Others) which includes gentle men in our community who have taken a stand against domestic viovlence. Our HeROs flip burgers at our shelter, serve as mentors to children, speak to local youth groups and raise awareness about the epidemic of domestic violence. Any community can create a group of men who are dedicated to creating safe homes and safe communities with zero tolerance for violence.