PUBLIC's C7 bike is a modern take on an iconic design, and their most popular, most affordable multi-speed step-through frame city bike for women and men. PUBLIC will donate 15% of sales of their Red C7 to Muttville during Negroni Week.

During Negroni Week, Baggu will donate 20% of every reusable Red Standard BAGGU to the Surfrider Foundation.

This special-edition Negroni glass is handmade in Portland, Oregon. Mazama will donate 10% of the sales these glasses to Inspire Artistic Minds.

This poster is the latest in the Cocktail Propaganda series from artists Alejandro De La Parra and Jen Macias. During Negroni Week, a portion of each poster sold will be donated to Outside In.

This mixing glass is made by hand in Portland, Oregon—perfect for mixing your next Negroni. During Negroni Week, a portion of each mixing glass sale will go to Outside In.

This kit has everything you need to infuse your Miss Jones Organic Vanilla Cake Mix with orange zest and coat it with a sweet, citrusy Negroni glaze. 10% of proceeds during Negroni Week will benefit the SF-Marin Food Bank.

These handmade coasters measure 3.5" in diameter. They're sealed behind mylar for durability and there is cork on the back side to protect furniture. During Negroni Week, $3 from each set will be donated to WE.

Pre-batch your cocktails in this Art Deco-inspired, laser-etched decanter complete with fill lines on the back to mix for the perfect ratio of ingredients in this fine classic cocktail. A portion of each sale will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.

Silver encases two honeycombs filled with the vibrant colors of the Negroni cocktail. Proceeds from the sale of this ring benefit No Kid Hungry.

During Negroni Week, Tipsy Scoop will donate $1 of every pint of Grapefruit Negroni Creamsicle Ice Cream to Lovin' Spoonfuls. The ice cream is made with grapefruit, Campari, gin and vermouth.

This letter-pressed cards com with the messages: "You’re my one and Negron-ly.” During Negroni Week, portion of proceeds will go to City Harvest.


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